Weihai International

Weihai International Economic and trade exchange center, located on the Bank of Xiaoyao Lake in Binhai New City in the east of Weihai, is a major project for the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong Province. With a total construction area of 330000 square meters, it is jointly operated by Weihai City Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Capital Exhibition Group. It is the first exhibition complex in Weihai that integrates exhibition, conference, hotel, cultural and creative industries, and the permanent venue of the world-renowned "China Weihai International Architectural Design Competition and habitat Festival"
The project consists of exhibition area, conference area and hotel area:  

  • The total construction area of the exhibition area is 160000 M ², It includes 5 exhibition halls, 2 login halls and 1 outdoor exhibition hall, which can build more than 3000 standard booths. Among them, the largest exhibition hall is 13000m ², The large space without columns not only ranks in the forefront of China, but also the 87.2m super large beam string structure has created a new domestic record.

  • The total construction area of the conference area is 86000 M ², It is composed of two independent conference centers, the exchange center and the Habitat Center, with a total of 64 conference rooms of different sizes, which can provide theme banquets, Chinese and Western buffets, cocktails, tea breaks and other diversified catering services for more than 10000 people at the same time. Among them, the largest conference room is 3100m ², It is the largest pillarless and separable banquet hall in Shandong.

  • The hotel area is composed of five-star quality Weihai Chengtou Beichen Hotel and five-star Crowne Plaza Binhai Hotel, which can provide nearly 800 rooms. The hotel is equipped with full-time Chinese and Western cafeteria, which gathers world cuisine and Asian classic flavors.