How to arrive

Weihai International Economic and Trade Exchange Center

It is located in the core area of Binhai New City in the east of Weihai, with a total construction area of 330000 m2. After completion, it will become the landmark of the eastern coastal new city. Weihai City Investment and capital exhibition will work together to build the exhibition industry into an important fulcrum for the transformation of new and old kinetic energy and a new economic growth pole in Weihai, and become an international exhibition city with high popularity and influence based on Shandong Peninsula and radiating Northeast Asia.

  • ● Weihai Dashuibo Airport: 26 km -30 min drive
  • ● Weihai station: 18 km-30 min drive
  • ● Weihai North Railway Station: 35 km-50 min drive
  • ● Wendeng east station: 26 km -30 min drive